Against California High Speed Rail by Mark R. Powell

Two More Reasons to Defund California High-Speed Rail

Lynn Schenk and Curt Pringle of California’s High-Speed Rail Authority

The attached YouTube video clips are taken verbatim from the May 5, 2011 California High-Speed Rail Authority Monthly Board Meeting videotape.

 In the first clip board member Lynn Schenk responds to a topic raised by Vice-Chairman Tom Umberg  about the possibility of reprioritizing work on the statewide system and putting Phase 2 (“LOSSAN” or Los Angeles to San Diego) work ahead of Phase 1 (San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim).

Listen carefully as board members openly discuss thwarting the will of the voters, the state legislature, and members of California’s congressional delegation.  Listen to Board Member Schenk claim that ridership studies for Los Angeles to San Diego are “not necessary”.  She, in her almost omnipotent wisdom, knows “the ridership is there” and would rather redirect her hard fought for funds than spend them in the Bay Area “bailing out Caltrain”. In her most damning statement she passes judgment on critics of high-speed rail including “NYMBY’s”, fellow citizens.  The entire conversation is between persons believing they know best and believing they are accountable to no one.


Footnotes below point to the start of the two clips in the board meeting video found on the Authority’s website.

Link to California High-Speed Rail Authority May 5, 2011 Board Meeting Video

Clip 1: 1:43:28 Start of YouTube Video Clip

Clip 2: 3:09:09  Start of Diana Peck Comments
 3:11:20  Start of YouTube Video Clip

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