Against California High Speed Rail by Mark R. Powell


This Blog is dedicated to publishing the truth about the prospects for High Speed Rail in California.  My co-editor and I plan to add several new postings monthly.  These postings are purposely short in length and footnoted with links directing the reader to the source of our material so the reader can easily verify what has been written.

Mark Powell

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  1. Frank Oliveira says:

    I just found your website. I had no idea that someone had already compiled all of this information in an extremely useful format. All I can say is well done! We are in the process of locating other groups/individuals that have concerns about the CHSRA and their HST project. We are attempting to connect those groups/individuals together to form a much larger effort to win this war and to protect our private property and our wallets from the massive cost of this project. What I am finding is that people are hungry for information that you have here. Thank you.
    Frank Oliveira, Citizens for California High-Speed Rail Accountability

  2. ezra abrams says:

    if I may say so, you might improve your credibility by stating why you are opposed, and if you have any conflicts – do you get money from anyone, or live in a community on the route
    beyond that, I find the arguments of both pro and anti rail people tendentious; the main point is taht it is a gamble, it will either be transformative (erie canal) or a bust; all this picayune stuff on numbers is just silly

    • Mark says:

      I am opposed to the HSR for reasons given in every article. I don’t get any money from anyone for my work. My home and community will not be directly impacted by the rail project. I see myself as a patriotic American who feels that projects like HSR will make the nation we leave to our children and grandchildren poorer and weaker. Writing as the proud father of a son currently deployed with our military, the last item mentioned is most important to me. As a nation, we need to stop spending ourselves into weakness and going in debt with our rival nations.
      While I doubt this response improves my credibility with you, that makes no difference to me. Perhaps this response will improve my credibility with another reader.

  3. K. Trinity says:

    What’s wrong with hearing from the folks who will lose their homes or businesses, or those tens of thousands of us who will have to listen to the bullet train every five minutes all day long and well into the night? Wouldn’t the money be better spent fixing up our current rail system?

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